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EuroCup 2008 GSM - Java Edition

EuroCup 2008 GSM
Java Edition

Real 2008 Euro Cup Competition
Qualifying round
54 European teams
Great player animations and behaviors
Different weather conditions ? real impact on the gameplay!
Statistics and tactical management
Match statistics and rich commentator
6 languages build in
Online scoreboard

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Tomb Raider Anniversary v0.2

Tomb Raider Anniversary v0.2
for Java Devices | 1.3 MB

With “Tomb Raider Anniversary” Eidos brings the thrill and excitement of Lara Croft’s first adventure to mobile phones. Explore huge levels that are inspired by the design and atmosphere of 1995’s Tomb Raider game but be prepared for some serious updates and new challenges like new enemies, improved graphics and a range of new tools and gadgets that will help Lara manage even the most dangerous situation with her own personal style and coolness. “Anniversary” for mobile phones features 2D-levels that seem to come directly from its console-counterparts. Gamers will find the same locations but with new levels that have been created from scratch to take advantage of modern phones’ capabilities. They will make playing this game on your phone an unforgettable experience even if you just followed Lara through her adventures on console or PC.

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15 Best EA Mobile Java Games

15 Best EA Mobile Java Games
get and play now on your cell phone, best mobile games from gameloft.

support phone nokia, sony ericsson, samsung, and etc..

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Gameloft Prince Of Persia Classic v1.0

Prince Of Persia Classic v1.0 for Symbian S60 , S60 v3 and Java Devices | 3.2MB
Rediscover the original Prince of Persia in a totally revamped mobile version!
* The completely revamped version of the hit game released in 1989, Prince of Persia.
* Many spectacular moves for ultra-dynamic fights and breathtaking acrobatics.
* Immerse yourself in the world of One Thousand and One Nights with rich backgrounds and dynamic lighting effects.
* 4 game modes, featuring 3 brand new modes: Normal, Classic, Time Attack and Survival.
* New options for beginner players: mini-map, numerous checkpoints, etc.




Transformers v1.0.5 for Java Devices

Glu Mobile Transformers v1.0.5 for Java Devices | 1.2MB

Battle as OPTIMUS PRIME â„¢ and fight DECEPTICONS â„¢ across the world. Change from robot to vehicle and use special weapons in combat. Help the AUTOBOTS â„¢ find the Allspark - the true source of power!


* Play as OPTIMUS PRIME and convert from vehicle to robot with special weapons
* Battle DECEPTICONS across multiple levels as you search for the Allspark
* Locate IRONHIDE â„¢ and RATCHET â„¢ to aid OPTIMUS PRIME in the fight
* A unique and robust combat system never seen before on mobile

Grand Theft Auto III Full Working

Grand Theft Auto III
Mob bosses need favors, crooked cops need help, the street gangs want you dead; so to compensate you'll have to rob, steal, and kill in order to stay alive, while using your resources to track down the woman who betrayed you and earn your rightful revenge. But that's all in a day's work in Rockstar Games' ambitious PS2 sequel, Grand Theft Auto III. Developed by DMA Design, GTA3 is the first installment of the series to utilize a fully three-dimensional living city with open environments and non-linear gameplay. Additional features include a cast of hundreds of different characters, more than 50 types of vehicles, three hours of professionally recorded music, and a huge array of deadly street weapons.

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Soldier Of Fortune Payback - AVENGED

Soldier Of Fortune Payback - AVENGED
Info :
Install Notes
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Pass :
windows vista will crash on this game. Make sure you have this file install b4 playing it: SOFPayback_v1.1.EXE

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Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales for PC

Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales for PC
Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales is a naval game devoted to pirate adventures
at the Caribbean seas of the 17th century, aiming to be the ultimate pirate
simulation. Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales models all the details of a
sword swinging pirates life and misses no part of his everyday adventures.
Taking the role of reckless fortune-hunter Blaze or redheaded daredevil
Beatrice the player will navigate his sailor in the original seas of the
Caribbean, trade multiple goods, plunder merchant convoys, accomplish
quests, build up his fleet, capture and rule colonies and much more.
* Successor of the well known games Sea Dogs, Age of Sail II and Pirates of
the Caribbean (more than 1,5 million copies sold)
* Be a pirate of your own, develop your skills, encounter evil enemies,
beautiful ladies and conquer treasures and fame!
* Total freedom without plot constrains do what you like and face the
consequences of your deeds!
* Rush into epic naval battles with 16 different sail ships with many
upgrades to develop
* Lead squadrons up to four vessels or board enemy ships to bring chaos
and destruction to all other landlubbers
* Beat different weather conditions and fight devastating storms in day
and night mode.
* Conquer colonies, manage them and construct different town buildings and
improve their defence
* Join multiplayer battles with up to 16 real captains and prove to be a
real sea dog in four different modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Defend
the Convoy or Capture the Fort)
* Stunning visuals in 3D, play your pirate inthird person perspective and
sail your ship with a flexible, zoomable camera through the Caribbean sea.
Install Notes
1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount with Daemon tools.
3. Install the game.
4. Copy the content located in the Crack directory on the DVD to your
installation directory.
5. Play the game.

Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher (2.5 GHz recommended)
Memory: 256 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 4GB free
DVD -ROM Drive: 6X speed or faster
Video: 128 MB Hardware T&L-compatible video card*
Sound: DirectX version 9.0c-compatible sound card
DirectX: DirectX version 9.0c (included) or higher

*Video cards that do not have hardware shader support,
such as GeForce 4 MX and Intel Integrated Graphics,
are not supported.
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Call of Duty 4 - RAZOR1911

Call of Duty 4 - RAZOR1911
Incl. 300 Cracked Servers - Play Online!

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Crack, keygen, patch + cracked servers (you do not need to download this file, if you have already downloaded the game from this thread!)


Ripped Version of the Allseeing eye + Cracked Servers (Launch and Play)

Extraction / installation instructions:
1) Extract the downloaded files with Winrar.
2) Extract the files called "rzr-cod4.0XX" start the extraction by extracting the file called "rzr-cod4.001" with Winrar not hjsplit. That will give you the ISO file.
3) Mount the extracted ISO file with Daemon Tools.
4) Install the game with a generated keycode from the included keygen!

Multiplayer Instructions:
1) Install cod4 1.4 patch
2) Install cod4 1.4-1.5 patch
3) Copy and paste the cracks from the two folders (CoD.4.MultiPlayer.v.1.5.crack (iw3mp.exe) and Call_Of_Duty_4_Crackfix_And_Keygen-Razor1911 (iw3sp)) into C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
4) Install The All-seeing Eye
5) Go to Options and then Games.
Find Call of Duty 1 and hit 'browse', locate to your CoD4 folder and choose "iw3mp.exe" and click "OK".
6) Go to "File" - "Import Server List".
- Find the server list.
- And add it to "Favourites 1".
7)Double click a server to join and enjoy!!!

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Silent Hunter IV: Wolves Of The Pacific

Silent Hunter IV: Wolves Of The Pacific
Silent Hunter IV: Wolves Of The Pacific - U-Boat Missions will ask you to participate in the most accurate from a historical perspective, but not as many well-known, the military campaign that Nazi Germany had submarines in the waters of the Indian Ocean during the Second World War.
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Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Info :
Tech Info
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Genre: Modern Action Adventure
Release Date: Jun 5, 2007 (more)

Game Information
Number of Players: 1 Player

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 2000/XP (Works with Vista)
Processor: Pentium 3 @ 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
Video Memory: 64 MB (GeForce 3 Ti/Radeon 9 series
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
4x DVD Rom Drive
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Pass :

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Conflict: Denied Ops (2008)

Conflict: Denied Ops (2008)
Info :

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Password :

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True Crime : Streets of New York ISO

True Crime : Streets of New York ISO
Marcus Reed is a gang member who inherited his incarcerated father's criminal empire in New York City. Several years later, Reed is betrayed by a friend and assumed dead after an ambush. Covered in blood and injured, Reed shows up unexpectedly at the betrayer's house to exact revenge. After a bloody, running gunfight with gang members, Reed corners the betrayer in a building basement and guns him down. Dropping his empty Uzi, Reed is almost shot and killed by another gang member, but an NYPD detective named Terry Higgins saves Reed.

Isaiah Reed (Marcus' father) and Higgins have been friends for a long time. Higgins tells Reed that he should be ashamed of the level he's sunk to. Although Reed willingly offers to allow Higgins to arrest him, Higgins refuses. He says that he's going to cover up Reed's involvement in the shoot-out, but this will be his final chance to clean up his act before he's left to the mercy of the NYPD. Reed agrees, and shuffles off to tend to his injuries. As he does so, Higgins sighs and says, "Merry Christmas."

Five years later, Marcus Reed is now an officer of the NYPD, having worked the beat for four years to become one of the precinct's best street cops with Higgins' mentoring and guidance. At the urging of Higgins, he applies to test for his detective's badge and a transfer to the Organized Crime Unit. After passing the test with flying colors, but the head detective does not believe he is ready so Terry takes Reed out for a few basics, afterwards Reed and Higgins go to visit Reed's father in jail. The visit is cut short by a phone call to Higgins. A contact for a case he's working on has called a meeting in another part of town. Marcus Reed and Higgins hurry to the contact point. Before getting out of the car, Higgins instructs Reed to come in guns blazing if he's gone for too long. As Higgins walks into the building with a briefcase, Reed leans over to pick up some of Higgins' cigarettes that have fallen out of the glove box, and suddenly, a massive explosion sends the undercover squad car flying through the air.

Back at the precinct, Reed is informed that Higgins was killed in the explosion. Reed is denied a place in the OCU, for now[citation needed]. Marcus is then informed that he will be going back out on the street as a plainclothes cop while the department investigates Higgins' murder. As Reed resumes his duties, he is contacted by FBI agent Gabriel Whitting, who requests a meeting in a parking garage downtown. Whitting informs Reed that a member of the OCU is a mole and likely organized Higgins' death. Whitting does not know who but does know that the mole was working with four major crime syndicates: the Magdalena Cartel, the President's Club, the Palermo Mob, and the Shadow Tong. Whitting wants Reed to investigate these four crime groups to track down Higgins' killer. After being given a folder with information on the Magdalena Cartel, Reed sets off on his mission of revenge while attending to his street duties along the way.
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Password : nEwDaLs

Counter Strike Condition Zero

Counter Strike Condition Zero
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CS:CZ) is a tactical action game that challenges you to compete with and against cunning computerized opponents in mission-based campaigns across the globe. As a squad leader in an elite counter-terrorist operative, use specialized maneuvers and weapon skills to complete over 20 brand new missions, each containing numerous objectives. Drop into challenging scenarios - from harsh jungle environments to severe arctic terrains, unforgiving deserts to dangerous international city streets. Rescue hostages. Escort VIPs to safety. Locate and defuse bombs. A collection of entirely new episodes challenge your ability to think quickly and strategically.
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The Simpsons Hit & Run iSO

The Simpsons Hit & Run iSO
The Simpsons Hit & Run is a mission-based driving game featuring out-of-the-car platform action, the interactive world of Springfield,and the signature humor of the Simpsons. To create the most authentic Simpsons game yet, dialogue and story were crafted by writers from The Simpsons television show and all character voices are supplied by the actual cast. In the roles of Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Apu, players explore seven large levels by car or on foot and compete in more than 56 missions. In addition to the GTA-style driving action, Simpsons fans will also find tons of hidden pick-ups containing trivia material from the show's 300-plus episodes.
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Password : nEwDaLs

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F.E.A.R - Perseus Mandate

F.E.A.R - Perseus Mandate
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate, the second expansion pack for Windows PC, offers both seasoned gamers and those who have never played the original F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) the ability to jump-in and experience the fright with a brand new team in an all-new experience that presents a different perspective of the events that occur at Armacham.
Download from Rapidshare
Pass :

Battlefield 2 RIP

Battlefield 2 RIP
The award-winning Battlefield franchise invades the high tech frontlines of modern warfare in the new sequel, Battlefield 2. The game brings the
intensity and excitement of Battlefield 1942 into the modern era withenhanced team play and the latest, most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems available to man. An all-new game engine and physicssystem brings the modern battlefield to life like never before. Armed with the latest modern weaponry, players can take control of any of the game's 30+ vehicles to engage in major conflicts with up to 64 players in some of the largest online battles on the PC.
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Password: s7or4x


Star Wars: Empire at War Forces Of Corruption (PC)

Star Wars: Empire at War Forces Of Corruption (PC)
Info :

1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount with Daemon tools.
3. Download CD Key.
3. Install the game and apply the CD Key.
4. Finish install and click quit instead of play!

1. Go to my computer and on the Drive that the ISO is mounted on and search for "crack"
2. Copy and Paste swfoc.exe and PerceptionFunctionG.dll to C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Game Data and then Replace.
3. Copy and Paste EAWXLaunch to C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts and Double-Click it to Run the Game.

Minimum system requirements:
- CPU: 1 GHz Pentium III or Athlon equivalent
- RAM: 256 MB
- Hard drive: 1.5 GB Free disk space (plus additional 500 MB after install)
- Video card: 32 MB video card with Hardware T&L capability (GeForce3+ / ATI Radeon 8500+)

Recommended system requirements:
- CPU: 2 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon XP or higher
- RAM: 512 MB
- Hard drive: 1.5 GB Free disk space (plus additional 500 MB after install)
- Video card: 64 MB 3D Graphics card with Hardware Vertex and Pixel Shader (VS/PS) Capability (GeForce4+ / ATI Radeon 9000+)

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