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Best Mobile Game Pack

Best Mobile Game Pack
you can get more exprience playing mobile game
more fun, more cool, and more.....

List Of Best Mobile Game Pack
4x4 Monster Truck
african rally
Age Of Heroes 4
Auto Bahn Racer 3
Bourne Ultimatum
Coast Cruise 3D
Delta Force
Dessert Command
Dungeon Warrior
God Of War Betrayal
Medal Of Honor Air Born 3D
Paid To Kill
Pro Rally Racing
Speed Addict Underground 2
The Fourth Seal
Vans Skate and Slam
Zona Java

Rampart Chess v2.4

Rampart Chess v2.4 | 0.5MB

Requirements: Pocket PC 2002/2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0 Overview: VGA enhanced! A great chess program featuring a world-class chess engine, easy-to-use interface, and eye-popping graphics. If you are a beginner, or ready to take on Garry Kasparov, Rampart Chess is the Pocket PC chess program for you. It features high resolution, beautifully-rendered chess pieces, a very powerful chess engine with 10 levels of game play, a two-player mode to challenge your friends, and a fully editable chessboard to set up legendary chess games or puzzles. Use Rampart Chess to learn the game, sharpen your skills, and enjoy hours and hours of challenging fun.


* A powerful chess engine featuring 5 levels of game play, and an Aggressive mode featuring more frequent attacks
* Large opening book of moves
* Ten levels of game play
* Choose from four different chess piece sets
* Stunning VGA graphics for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 2003 SE Devices
* Full Portrait and Landscape mode support
* Works great on Windows Mobile Treo devices
* Wide array of customizable board colors
* Full navigator button support
* Two-player mode and computer vs. computer mode
* Multiple chessboard sizes including full-screen and small screen containing additional information
* Built-in chess rules describing all the pieces and such moves as castling and en passant
* Hint mode
* Unlimited Undo moves
* Automatic saves allow you to return to an incomplete game at any time
* Edit mode allows you to set up any position
* Quick buttons allow you to access the most frequently used functions with just one tap
* Clear, easy-to-use interface
* Built-in program instructions.

download Rampart Chess v2.4

Worms 2008: A Space Oddity

Worms 2008: A Space Oddity
[240x320] | 1.9MB

You get to choose a path through a selection of planets, encountering the mini-games along the way to break up the basic action. More of those in a minute.

The graphics are the best yet in a mobile Worms game, being bold, colourful and packed with character, with lovely cartoon touches as you turn your foes into toast.
Better still, on some phones you can play in landscape mode, which suits the action better than portrait mode. The levels themselves look better than ever, thanks to some nifty visual stuff happening in the background, so it's worth switching the view. the mini-games are pretty fun in their own right, but as part of the overall package they're an excellent inclusion. Meanwhile, the pass-the-phone mode lets you enjoy multiplayer Worms as it should be played (i.e. with people taunting each other in a confined space). It's excellent too.

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Popeye Pinball

Popeye Pinball.jar
Java platform 182.Kb

suka nonton film kartun nya Popeye? atau pernah mengidolakannya
download game hp ini. lumayan lah buat ngisi waktu luang kamu
dari pada bengong..
Popeye si pelaut...tut..tuuutt

Download game HP Popeye Pinball

3d Bomberman

3d Bomberman.jar
game java
play game


Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo. jar
Game flatform java
Game petualangan seekor ikan yang lucu.
coba dan rasakan sendiri petualangan serunya.

download finding nemo.jar

play game

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