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Get and download now game NBA LIVE 2010 with screen resolution 240x320 .
this games, NBA Live 2010 is the best and most realistic action ever 5 out of 5! Take the rack, Dwight Howard and the other favorites in the NBA with a team full of all 30 teams under license. Run the floor in Exhibition Mode for a quick fix or play all the way to the new season of 82 games. Take your team to the finals!

-Take the court as Dwight Howard and over 100 other NBA ballers!
-Featuring full rosters from all 30 licensed NBA teams with starting lineups from each
-Realistic 5 on 5 simulation basketball action
-3 Gameplay Modes
-Colorful commentary from broadcasting legend Marv Albert
-Make precision passes on fast breaks with "Court Vision Passing"
-Icon-driven plays allow you to call & run them with your team
-In-depth tutorial for players new to the game

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